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"Every organisation which wants to compete effectively on the today's market have to concentrate not only on building outside, but also inside”

ENTE Sp. z o.o. .is also building inside..." In ENTE people are the most important and the whole HR policy is oriented on this assumption. Awareness of the need to build a friendly working atmosphere in the ENTE results directly from the assumptions adopted by the Board ENTE, that means the workers are the most valuable asset of the company, the driving force for its operation, and their knowledge, competence and skills of the determinant of the development potential of the Company. The atmosphere, however, depends not only on the actions of the Board, but on the desire, effort and personal commitment of everyone who takes a job in the company. The most important thing to everyone in the ENTE is "want to want".

HR policy priority objective is to build a personal involvement in the employees’ lives. The involvement of every employee is the awareness of the importance of his own contribution to the functioning ENTE work and desire to stay in the ENTE, the desire to contribute to its success, the positive expression about it, and finally the pride of work just for this, and not another company.
The adoption of such HR policy was preceded by the conviction when the Board decided that only well-informed, genuinely engaged and having a sense of community aspirations and belonging to an employee organization, decisions and behavior to ensure the achievement of strategic business objectives and fulfill its mission.
A necessary condition for the involvement of employees is transparency and consistency of principles and values on which the Company's organizational culture with their individual needs and values and aspirations. This goes out to meet ENTE.

Creating optimal conditions for workers at their work stations, attractive and relevant to the contribution of wage labor and use of the social package including the Social Fund is a manifestation of concern for the Board to provide workers stabilize living conditions. The focus on the internal interpersonal communication, relationships between staff and friendly atmosphere also built during the organized informal meetings, trips and team building events, has lead to a build a sense of belonging and identification with the company. Sense of commitment and a real influence on decisions of the Board favors the company openness to all forms of initiative and entrepreneurship reported by employees. The Board is available for them even when there are issues and problems beyond the professional sphere.

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