Collision avoidance system

AWIA Horyzont

The AWIA Horyzont® system prevents worker-vehicle collisions in intra-company transport. It is intended for companies of all types, wherever internal transport and the loading, unloading and reloading of goods plays a significant role in logistical processes. AWIA Horizon® drastically improves the orientation of the vehicle operator in the field and the safety of pedestrian workers. It is designed for easy and safe implementation on any type of vehicle.

AWIA Horyzont®

Variants of use

In its basic version, AWIA Horyzont® works perfectly as a support element in the organisation of vehicle traffic, including forklift trucks, backhoe loaders, cranes and various types of machines. The system drastically improves the driver’s orientation in the field by providing early warning of the possibility of a machine-human collision.


  • monitoring of the area around the vehicle
  • display, on the colour Terminal of the operator, the information about the direction of the approaching person and his/her distance to the vehicle divided into 3 ranges
  • warning the operator by means of optical and acoustic signals of the presence of a worker
  • detection of persons equipped with a personal Transmitter within a radius of up to 18 metres around the vehicle and up to 30 metres in open areas

AWIA Horyzont® can also prevent accidental collisions between vehicles and pedestrians in the areas of: pedestrian crossings, intersections, corridors and traffic routes. It detects vehicles entering the area and warns all traffic participants.


  • monitoring of the logistics infrastructure such as intersections, passageways, corridors and other places for infringements committed by vehicles
  • warning, by means of sound and light signals, pedestrian workers and other people in the monitored area of the possibility of contact with a vehicle

* the solution has the possibility of automatically activating “turtle mode” on a forklift truck

AWIA Horyzont® in this variant improves safety for those working in reloading zones, especially on ramps.


  • monitoring of the internal and external loading area of the ramp
  • detection of the entry of a forklift truck into a monitored area
  • detection of the departure of the loaded vehicle from the ramp
  • informing the driver of the vehicle to be loaded and other users of the presence of the forklift on the trailer and the internal loading area of the ramp
  • warning the forklift operator of a dangerous movement (departure) of the loaded vehicle away from the ramp
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    AWIA Horyzont

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    AWIA Horyzont

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    AWIA Horyzont

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Reliability guarantee

Prizes and awards

PATENT NO. 226289

For the invention of the Proximity security system for people in the work area involving mobile devices

10th edition of the INTARG 2017 International Trade Fair for Inventions and Innovations

Platinum Medal for the best invention in the Safety and Security sector

44th edition of the National Competition for the Improvement of Working Conditions

Second Degree Award in the category of technical and technological solutions awarded by the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy

SAWO 2016 International Fair of Work Protection, Fire-Fighting and Rescue Equipment

Golden Medal 2017 Consumer Choice

SAWO 2016 International Fair of Work Protection, Fire-Fighting and Rescue Equipment

Grand Prix 2016

SAWO 2016 International Fair of Work Protection, Fire-Fighting and Rescue Equipment

Golden Medal 2016

System functionality

  1. Monitoring of the area around the vehicle
  2. Graphical representation of the direction of the approaching person and his/her distance from the vehicle/machine
  3. Notification of the operator and worker by optical and acoustic signals of a potential collision risk
  4. Ongoing analysis of radio interference in the environment and adaptation to it
  5. Reporting and analysis of the collected data

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