Contract manufacturing of electronics (EMS)

ENTE manufactures top-quality electronic devices and offers full design support in the production stage of high volume and prototype batches. Electronics contract manufacturing (ECM) offered by the company, thanks to the high competence of its employees, specialised technological facilities and many years of experience, is a guarantee for success even for the most complex projects. Customers can count on an individual approach to each order, as well as warranty and post-warranty services for the manufactured devices.

Produkcja elektroniki na zlecenie
Produkcja elektroniki na zlecenie
Produkcja elektroniki na zlecenie
Produkcja elektroniki na zlecenie
Contract manufacturing

ENTE's services are used by both domestic and foreign customers representing various branches of the economy

They can count on full design support from the company's employees, production of high volume and prototype batches.

The team of

ENTE Sp. z o.o. was established in 2000. It employs around 160 people, mostly young and highly educated, talented Polish electronic engineers and programmers, specialists in many fields.

Area of activity

The company’s main activity is the design and production of electronic devices and IT systems within its own product range.

Apart from manufacturing original solutions for its own needs, ENTE also offers the possibility of designing and producing electronic devices according to the Customers’ needs, as part of the outsourcing process. Electronics contract manufacturing (ECS) provided by ENTE encompasses a number of processes, starting from the completion and purchase of subassemblies, electronic parts and printed circuit boards (PCB), through surface mount and through-hole assembly, testing, all the way to encapsulating the device and sending it to the final Customer. The company also provides warranty and post-warranty services for the manufactured devices.

Machinery and equipment

ENTE Sp. z o.o. has three fully automatic assembly lines for SMT-type electronic components. These consist of pick & place machines and high-end soldering paste screen printers with SPI paste print quality control.

The company also owns more than a dozen stations equipped with branded soldering equipment for the assembly of THT elements. Soldering units (wave and selective soldering) are also used for the soldering of through-hole components.

All assembled electronic modules are subjected to automatic optical inspection AOI both after SMT and THT assembly. A full X-ray inspection of solder joints is also carried out if necessary.

In addition, the company has a machine for automated counting, by means of X-ray analysis, of the number of electronic components contained in the packaging. This machine significantly speeds up the process of preparing electronic components for assembly and their return to the warehouse at the end of production.


The traceability system implemented in the company guarantees full control over the process at each stage. This system, combined with the company’s ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 22163 (IRIS) compliance certificates, as well as the production of electronics according to the highest class IPC-A-610 standard, ensures the high quality of the products and services offered.


wnetrze ente

Electronics Contract Manufacturing (ECM)

ENTE has a modern high-performance technological line and uses advanced machines from renowned manufacturers. This enables it to design and create electronic devices of the highest performance and increased reliability.

Contract manufacturing of electronics (EMS)

Cooperation opportunities

  • automated surface-mount technology (SMT), single and double-sided
  • automated through-hole technology (THT) assembly
  • manual through-hole technology mount
  • mixed assembly – THT and SMT
  • mechanical assembly
  • AOI inspection
  • X-RAY inspection
  • replacement and repair of circuits in BGA type packaging

  • preparation of technological documentation of assembly
  • making stencils for the application of soldering paste
  • purchase of printed circuit boards
  • purchase of electronic components
  • assembly of electronic components (surface mount, through hole, combined)
  • final assembly of complete devices
  • launching and testing of modules
  • completion and packaging of finished products
  • delivery to end Customer
  • warranty and post-warranty service

  • cleaning of electronic circuits
  • varnishing and conformal coating
  • manufacture of wire harnesses
  • production process reports


  1. Extensive experience and professionalism
  2. Specialist consultancy
  3. High quality of products and services
  4. Timeliness of deliveries
  5. Flexible and friendly conditions of cooperation
  6. Convenient payment terms

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