Control of access and working time


The STREFA access and working time control system makes it possible to protect companies' physical assets and control employees' working time. It is dedicated to any company, regardless of its size. Its most important function is to restrict access for unauthorised users to specific areas and to provide access to protected areas for authorised users.

Basic configuration

The solution in its basic configuration can operate independently and does not require the use of additional intermediary elements, such as expanders, repeaters or converters, thanks to which the cost and implementation time is competitive in relation to solutions currently available on the market.



  • Access Control System central unit
  • 56MHz MIFARE KD reader
  • Keelooq 433.92 MHz receiver module
  • Keeloq remote control module

  • mechanical and magnetic door openers
  • exit buttons
  • emergency exit button sensors
  • acoustic signalling device
  • operation of security barriers
  • operation of turnstiles
Kontrola dostępu i czasu pracy


The system has reporting and analysis mechanisms that can be sent to superior systems, e.g. OpenEye Centrum by WASKO S.A.


Advantages of the system

increase the level of security of the company, persons and property

speed up the process of calculating employees' working time

possibility for superiors to supervise employees

ability to locate the current whereabouts of employees and visitors

producing periodic business reports and analyses

System functionalities

  1. Management of user access to selected areas and rooms
  2. Control and registration of employee entrances and exits from the building
  3. Defining a working time schedule, including sub-schedules
  4. Producing working time reports and statements
  5. Printing of worksheets
  6. Central management of access rights to facilities and rooms
  7. Keeping up to date on the whereabouts of employees and visitors
  8. Reporting of the paths of the passage of individual building occupants
  9. Reporting on the occurrence of potential risks such as: doors opening for too long, doors opening by force
  10. Possibility to assign the same door opening rights to the remote control as to the access card

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