Contract designing of electronics

ENTE Sp. z o.o. specialises in designing technologically advanced devices, systems and software in the field of professional electronics, computer science and industrial and consumer automation.

Contract designing

The company has a team of highly qualified electronic and software engineers working on innovative and unique solutions in the field of new technologies.


The company often takes on very difficult or unique projects. Created solutions are successfully used in industries such as transport, industry or mining.

Forms of cooperation

The company ensures that the form of cooperation with the Customers can be freely shaped. It provides a modern, creative and individual approach to every project. It offers expert design and construction advice and support in choosing the most advantageous solutions.

Many years of experience in the industry, qualified staff and participation in many innovative projects mean that ENTE can even engage in the most complex projects, with offered solutions meeting the highest standards and requirements defined by applicable standards.


ENTE offers the possibility of large-scale series production of devices tailored to the needs of the Customer – both in terms of electronic packages themselves and the complex mechanical assembly in the case of the final device.

At the customer’s request, it is also possible to carry out a partial or full certification path in accredited laboratories in order to obtain the CE conformity marking.


Projektowanie elektroniki na zlecenie

Contract designing

ENTE knows how to design products with the best parameters, increased reliability and adapted to work in very difficult environmental conditions.

Design of electronics and mechanical components

Scope of work

  • based on the principle of mutual validation and coordination of mechanical as well as electronic design activities
  • both mechanical and electronic designs are carried out at the same time and the mutual relations between the mechanical and electronic elements are coordinated on an ongoing basis, e.g. the arrangement and selection of connectors, cable routes, elements of ventilation of the device

  • selection and layout of all device components, the definition of the final device geometry, definition of functional, environmental and durability requirements, selection of appropriate materials and manufacturing technology

  • identification of components to be fitted, selection of commercially available components and preparation of manufacturing and assembly documentation
Implementation of projects


the company executes mechanical projects using the capabilities of the supporting software based on the following technologies: sheet metal bending, welded structures, CNC machining and designing housings for injection moulds

project execution documentation is adapted to the technological capabilities of the subcontractors

ENTE cooperates with many entities in the field of manufacturing mechanical components

Tools and technology

  1. Mentor Graphics PADS, ALTIUM DESIGNER, EAGLE - creating schematic diagrams, PCB designs, depending on the complexity, number of layers, technology and the Customer's preferences
  2. SOLIDWORKS - 3D modelling of mechanical parts
  3. SEE ELECTRICAL - wiring design
  4. LABVIEW - metrology projects
  5. ADOBE CREATIVE SUITE, COREL DRAW - graphic design
  6. Development of embedded systems based on various types of processors with 8, 16 and 32 bit architecture (x86, RISC, ARM7-TDMI, Cortex M0, M3, M4F etc.)
  7. PCB design based on advanced manufacturing technologies 4/4 mils, µVia, buried Via, dedicated layer layouts, µBGA, LGA, PQ, QFN, 0201 etc.
  8. Spectrum analysers (SA) and circuit analysers (VNA), logic analysers, oscilloscopes, climatic chambers, ESD test laboratory, X-ray scanner, thermal imaging cameras to guarantee high product quality

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