Electronic ignition devices

e!DET is an advanced, state-of-the-art system for the initiation of explosives. It is characterised by high reliability, resistance to environmental conditions and high precision of detonation delay timing. It can be used in mines, quarries, or in demolition work. The use of this product improves the efficiency and safety of rock shooting. Increases yield due to much better rock granulation. It also minimises seismic shaking, which is important in mining operations located close to buildings.


The e!DET system is dedicated to manufacturers of explosives who would also like to have electronic ignition devices in their offer. These types of ignition devices have electronically programmable delay times and are much more precise than conventional pyrotechnic compound delay ignition devices.



  • an operator-safe programming device to create the blasting metric, to program the ignition device network and to check the correctness of the whole installation

  • a device used for verifying the connection of the blast line, arming and firing the detonators, equivalent to a lighter in electric systems

  • electronic delay module installed in the detonator, whose role is to precisely control the detonation time

Functionality of the system

  1. Full control of the blast line
  2. Handling up to 500 ignition devices per blast line
  3. One blasting metric can include up to 4000 ignition devices (when eight blasters are connected at the same time)
  4. Freely programmable detonation delays in the range of 0 - 8000ms with 1ms step
  5. Verification of the connected blast line before arming it
  6. Storage of information about the shooting carried out
  7. Two-way communication between Logger and ignition devices
  8. Two-wire blast line
  9. Wireless communication between Logger and Blaster
  10. Possibility of creating blasting metrics on a PC using dedicated software or directly on the programming device

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