Localisation, monitoring and diagnosis of underground machines

AWIA Underground

The AWIA Underground system is designed for underground and open pit mining operations. It is used to manage machinery and equipment, as well as to control and optimise costs related to the maintenance of self-driving mining machines (loaders, haul truck, drilling rigs), tanks and weighing systems. Configuration of the system, scope of available functions and presented reports depends on Investor's requirements and is adjusted to their needs.


AWIA Underground works with a dedicated communication device that collects data from the object (speed, distance, position, fuel level, engine RPM and other CAN bus parameters).

The collected data are visualised via a web browser that connects to the data server of the Customer's internal network or via the Internet.

AWIA Underground

Guaranteed possibilities

  • precise fuel consumption adjustment and verification of its use (available as an option)
  • fuel consumption authorisation

  • allows data from weighing systems mounted on loaders, excavators or dump trucks to be downloaded and presented
  • the downloaded data are visualised via a web browser

AWIA Underground

In underground mines, machine localisation is based on RFID technology, and data from objects are transmitted via wireless means (WiFi, DOTRA, etc.) directly to the mine network.



Improvements to workplace safety through:

  • “online” vehicle localisation with “chamber/lane” accuracy
  • unambiguous identification of the vehicle and its operating status
  • access to full vehicle location history
  • identification of vehicle departure from the monitored area

Machinery and equipment management in a mining division:

  • attendance reporting in defined work areas
  • display of past routes
  • creation and plotting of dedicated reports

Improvements to the "culture" of machine operation:

  • monitoring of operational parameters of vehicles
  • “online” critical diagnostics
  • service and maintenance schedule

System benefits

  1. 24/7 online access to measurement data and machine locations
  2. Fuel consumption monitoring
  3. Control and optimisation of vehicle operating costs
  4. Reducing vehicle operating costs
  5. Higher employee safety
  6. Improvements to work organisation efficiency

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