Fuel consumption monitoring

AWIA Metronix

AWIA Metronix is a modern system with the main function of monitoring fuel consumption in railway vehicles. The system makes it possible to achieve accurate measurements and, above all, considerable operational savings. It has been designed for transport operators and rolling stock owners using locomotives and other rail vehicles with diesel engines.


The solution consists of on-board units installed in the vehicle, a server-based Management Application and a data transmission interface to the vehicle Owner's systems (as an option). This design allows the Owner to integrate the data from the fuel monitoring system into their internal systems.

AWIA Metronix has an integrated GPS positioning system module and a GSM network data transmission module.

AWIA Metronix


  • equipped with a GPS module and a GSM modem (in case of integration with the AWIA SDIP® system devices, the function of the central unit is taken over by the AWIA SDIP® devices – there is no need to duplicate communication modules)

  • e. fuel sensor, flow meter, engine speed sensor, RFID card reader, CAN bus interface, pressure and temperature sensors

  • mounted in cabs
  • indicate the current fuel quantity

  • LED displays installed close to the fuel filler caps
  • indicate the current state of fuel level and give an acoustic indication of the risk of overfilling during refuelling

This system is also an ideal tool for monitoring other locomotive operating parameters:

motor rpm

oil pressure and temperature

engine temperature

current and voltage of the primary and companion alternators

working time of train driver/operator

AWIA Metronix


Monitoring zużycia paliwa

AWIA Metronix is suited for both used vehicles and brand new, pre-built ones. ENTE has experience not only in the implementation of the system in operating vehicles, but also in cooperation with designers of new solutions.

System functionality

  1. Documentation of the fuel management process
  2. Measurement of the filling level of fuel tanks by means of probes installed in the fuel tanks
  3. Measurement of the amount of fuel consumed by the locomotive engine using volumetric flow meters (optional)
  4. Possibility of monitoring a number of operational parameters of diesel locomotives, relevant from the user's point of view
  5. Locating the locomotive on the map, speed indication
  6. Identification of employees by means of RFID cards
  7. Identification of employees by means of RFID cards 7. Monitoring of the working time of the vehicle operator
  8. Quick access to reports, statistics, fact-sheets
  9. Full history of routes and stops
  10. Providing information on defined events

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