Monitoring of heavy machines

AWIA Machines

AWIA Machines a comprehensive heavy machinery monitoring system that guarantees full control over your fleet of machines and optimises the costs associated with their maintenance. The system makes it possible to monitor fuel consumption and to optimise costs related to the employment of machine operators as well as the costs of maintaining machines in full working condition. The construction of the system is modular. Its configuration and the scope of the available functions depend to a large extent on the Client's requirements and can be adapted to their needs.


The solution is based on a communication device that collects data from a GPS receiver (speed, geographical position) and other sensors placed on the machine (fuel level probe, engine speed sensor, CAN bus, etc.) and sends it via a wireless GSM network to a server where machine information is stored.

AWIA Machines


  • equipped with a GPS module and GSM modem

  • i.e. fuel probe, engine speed sensor, RFID or chip card reader, CAN bus interface

  • displays and presents measurement data sent from devices installed on the machines in a form readable by the user
  • In addition to online monitoring of standard parameters (GPS, power supply, ignition, speed) and visualisation of vehicle location on the map, it also offers the possibility to present data on charts and reports prepared for the Customer
Reliability guarantee


EC type-homologation certificate of the Ministry of Infrastructure for compliance with the 2004/104/EC Directive

certificate of compliance with the PN-S 76020 standard

technical opinion confirming the fulfilment of the practical requirements concerning the efficiency of protection in the standard class (STD) issued by the Automotive Industry Institute

System functionality

  1. Presentation of the current and historical location of machines on a digital map
  2. Measuring the operating time of the machines
  3. Recording of the driver/operator working time
  4. Information on crossing defined zones
  5. Monitoring of fuel consumption and losses, recording of refuellings
  6. Measurement of machine operating parameters, e.g. engine rpm, speed, battery voltage
  7. Service schedule
  8. Producing reports and charts

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