AWIA SmartLight

Monitoring of intersections

The AWIA SmartLight system is used to record vehicles crossing an intersection at a red light. Each recorded event is archived in the form of photographic material and a video depicting the incident. AWIA SmartLight automatically sends the recorded offence to the systems of the Services responsible for road safety.


AWIA SmartLight is a standalone system and does not require integration with a traffic light controller. It consists of an analysis and communication module and a monitoring camera. Thanks to the built-in GSM (3G) communication module for data transfer, a wired network infrastructure (LAN) is not required.

The use of the GPS module allows for very precise determination of the time when the offence was committed.


System functionality

  1. Detection of crossing the intersection at a red light
  2. Detection of unauthorised presence in prohibited intersection areas
  3. Documentation of the event by means of photos and videos with superimposed time stamp using GPS
  4. Continuous camera image processing and analysis green arrow detection communication with the system via Ethernet and GSM
  5. Intuitive web-based management and configuration
  6. Possibility to update the system software remotely without a physical connection to the system
  7. Hardware watchdog mechanism for detecting system malfunctions

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