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ENTE and Raytheon signed a letter of intent on cooperation


On October 7, 2014 ENTE and Raytheon signed a letter of intent for cooperation in developing a missile defense system in order to strengthen the security of Polish, as well as the implementation of the jointly developed solutions for global markets. Companies have identified areas of cooperation in the following categories:

- Command and control systems, their components and integration,

- Design and production of electronic devices for radar systems,

- Systems Integration and Verification and conducting tests.

Cooperation will affect the achievement of business benefits both companies and enhance their position in the global arms market.

"Polish defense industry needs a strong and oriented foreign cooperation partners to pursue high-end solutions for the Polish army. Cooperation with Raytheon is an example. "- Said President ENTE Grzegorz Kaminski after signing a letter of intent.

Raytheon continues to seek opportunities for cooperation with Polish companies from the industrial sector, in order to prepare for the implementation of the program WISLA. Raytheon offer implies the creation of the next generation of the Patriot anti-missile system with active participation of Polish industry.

The modular design enables the Patriot constant development and modernization. At the moment this is the only proven in combat missile defense system that protects the United States and allied forces in the world. Community 12 countries, including five NATO member states and future partners Patriot system offers many benefits to Poland, such as strengthening the defense system, training, maintenance, testing, development of logistics and cost sharing.