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End of Conference GAZTERM 2016


On 16 - 18 May 2016 ENTE participated in the conference GAZTERM 2016. In the nineteenth edition of the session was attended by approximately 300 participants. The conference brought together many representatives of the management boards of the gas sector, including the PGNiG Group as well as energy companies: Tauron and PGE. Conferences opened speech Janusz Kowalski, vice president. Corporate Polish Oil and Gas Company, which referred to the strategic decisions affecting the current shape of the diversification of gas supplies and compete with foreign market for Polish. Guests of the conference were also among Tomasz Stepien, president of Gaz-System, Paul Turowski from the Office of National Security, Ireneusz Łazor, president of the Power Exchange. A rich program of conferences and good organization was an opportunity to hold a number of meetings and discussions of industry.