AWIA SDIP is already available in Lower Silesia!

18 Oct 2021

A true revolution! The first of six hybrid trains has already hit the railways  of the Lower Silesia.

36WEh-type Hybrid Impuls II are manufactured by Newag for Koleje Dolnośląskie S.A. ENTE, in turn, thanks to long-standing cooperation with Newag S.A., is on the list of trusted suppliers of onboard systems. The eco-trains will be equipped with innovative, reliable and, at this point, widely-recognized AWIA SDIP dynamic passenger information system, designed and manufactured by ENTE.

The passengers of the first hybrid train can travel safely and comfrotably, while the carrier can manage its services effectively. All that thanks to features brought by AWIA SDIP:

  • displaying content for passengers on LED boards and LCD monitors,
  • providing boarding and alighting passengers count,
  • providing both on-board and external camera feed,
  • facilitating passenger-conductor communication route and intercom for communication among crew members,
  •  providing wireless Internet access on board.

Along with all the devices included in the set, the carrier also received the Management App that provides full administration and control over multiple units equipped with AWIA SDIP system.

ENTE is still involved, even after the delivery. Technical support and 60-month warranty period are both included.