ENTE to deliver passenger information for Koleje Małopolskie

21 Jun 2021

Thanks to our long-term cooperation with ZNTK from Mińsk, we play a role in the modernisation of 5 32WE multiple unit trains belonging to Koleje Małopolskie.

As part of the works performed by ZNTK, we will deliver our innovative and reliable passenger information system – AWIA SDIP. Koleje Małopolskie will be able to use its features, which include:

  • presenting content for passengers using LED boards and LCD monitors,
  • recording the number of passengers entering and exiting the vehicle,
  • view images from cameras installed both inside and outside the vehicle,
  • communication between passengers and the driver and between vehicle crew members with the intercoms provided.

The carrier from the Małopolskie Voivodeship will also be able to use our Management Application to ensure full management of and control over multiple unit trains with the AWIA SDIP system installed.

We will also provide technical support services combined with a 60-month manufacturer’s warranty.

We are glad that with our solution, more passengers will be kept informed about their journey in real time, while the drivers will benefit from a tool that supports safe rail vehicle operation.