Implementation of the AWIA SDIP passenger information system

02 Feb 2022

The beginning of 2022 was very promising for ENTE. We have already shared the good news regarding the AWIA Machines system, now it is time for AWIA SDIP – our flagship product – and another successful collaboration.

Thanks to the cooperation with Serwis Pojazdów Szynowych ASO (Rolling Stock Service Authorised Service Centre) Piotr Mieczkowski, our equipment was installed in rail vehicles (EN96 type 34WE, 4 pieces), owned by the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship.

ENTE equipment installed on the above-mentioned trains includes, among other things, LED boards and LCD monitors, control terminals, counters and cameras. They will be used:

  • to display information for passengers both inside and outside the train (e.g. line number, train number and name) and any multimedia content (e.g. advertisements, videos),
  • to count persons getting on and off the train and then transmit the collected information to the carrier using the application provided by ENTE,
  • to monitor images from the cameras installed in the train driver’s cabs on a real-time basis.

AWIA SDIP is an automated solution that provides up-to-date information to public transport users. Data are presented in a visual or audio form. More information about our passenger information system can be found at