Machinery and vehicle monitoring system for PGG S.A.

10 Jun 2021

ENTE signed another contract with Polska Grupa Górnicza S.A. concerning the extension of the AWIA Machines system functionality and provision of technical support services.

AWIA Machines can be used in various machines such as loaders, dozers, excavators, drilling rigs, forklift trucks, and heavy goods vehicles. The system includes on-board components installed in the vehicle and the server-based Management Application. It is based on a communication device that collect data from a GPS receiver and a set of sensors.

With AWIA Machines, you can improve productivity, efficiency, and profitability of work. The system can be used to track vehicle location as well as monitor working hours, fuel consumption, and kilometres driven.

So far, this solution by ENTE has been implemented in +400 machines and vehicles of various types, both electric and with an internal combustion engine.