Our system runs in the wagons of Tramwaje Śląskie

15 Jul 2022

All the new wagons, manufactured by PESA, have already been delivered to Tramwaje Śląskie S.A. well ahead of schedule. The order was planned to be completed by the end of 2022.

The trams (Twists), as announced last year, have been equipped with a passenger information system (AWIA SDIP, of our design and manufacture.

The wagons feature:

  • central unit ensuring the management of on-board equipment installed in the vehicle,
  • GPS and GSM modules,
  • tram driver terminal with real-time timetable,
  • LED boards and LCD monitors used to display information for passengers,
  • audio public address system,
  • CCTV camera system.

Tramwaje Śląskie S.A. Tramwaje Śląskie S.A. is yet another client using our reliable solution. We would like to thank them for their trust and look forward to working with them on future projects. We are pleased that, also thanks to our product, tram vehicles are perceived as innovative and modern, and that passengers enjoy better journeys.