The last deployment in 2021

19 Jan 2022

We end 2021 with a bang❗ Our Dynamic Passenger Information System (AWIA SDIP) will improve the comfort of travelling for another group of passengers – this time for the residents of south-eastern Poland❗

ENTE, in cooperation with the Mińsk Railway Rolling Stock Repair Works, contributed to the modernisation of the railway vehicle number SA134-022, owned by the Podkarpackie Province.

The aforementioned vehicle has been equipped with devices manufactured by ENTE, including LED boards and LCD monitors, control terminals, counters and cameras, which will enable the following:

  • presentation of content for travellers both outside and inside the train – displaying passenger information (e.g. line number, train number and name) and any multimedia content (e.g. advertisements, films),
  • counting the number of people getting on and off the vehicle, and then transferring the collected information to the rail carrier using an application provided by ENTE,
  • live preview images from cameras installed in the train driver’s cab.

What you should know about the AWIA SDIP system

It is a comprehensive solution that provides all the necessary functions needed to manage passenger information. This product improves the comfort of not only passengers, but also the driver. It also helps the rail carrier rationalise processes related to rolling stock management. Our #passengerinformationsystem has been a key element of modern public transport for many years. We hope that this good streak, thanks to the high quality and constant adaptation of the system to market needs and new trends ensured by ENTE, will never pass.