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In tanks and other armored cars one can build Auxiliary Power Unit, which enables supply with electric energy and optionally the drive of air-conditioner’s compressor irrespectively from work of the main engine. Application of such a system enables obtaining significant exploitation savings (the system engine consumes significantly less fuel, it is more silent and does not emit large amount of heat).

KOBRA is a modern system of auxiliary supply in electric energy of armored vehicles or technical support alongside with the possibility to drive air-conditioner’s compressor. KOBRA complies with all norms and requirements provided for power systems in military vehicles.


  • it enables maintenance of full efficiency of the vehicle equipment (it enables standby of stabilization, SKO and work of communication centres)
  • low level of electromagnetic emission, noise and trembles
  • decrease in use of a part of the main engine and systems cooperating with it
  • significant decrease in fuel consumption
  • the possibility to launch the main engine in low level of chargé or even without accumulators
  • increase in efficiency of recharging accumulators (increase in lifespan)
  • constantly available air-conditioning (option)
  • elements of APU may be adjusted to the existing segment (casing)

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