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The board consists of electronic module with visualising elements (desktop) and the systems of switches. The electronic module is built on the basis of microprocessing system and serves processing input signals delivered by sensors placed in particular systems of a vehicle. Provision of information and signalling exceeding of allowed exploitation parameters are done by line light indicators - bargraphs.

Additionally LED diodes on the desktop as well as acoustic signalling provides work messages in one of chosen languages to the intercoms of the vehicle and the desktop signals establishment of alert status by means of lighting the whole bargraph in red and display of error code.

Bargraphs and counters have the possibility of regulating brighness of lighting. Additionally, the desktop changes intensity of lighting depending outside lighting. Values of indicated parameters by bargraphs may be read on the digital display for the purpose of obtaining precise data.

The system of switches serves the purpose of controlling devices in the vehicle. The desktop while active conducts archivisation of basic data, which may be browsed and copied after connecting any PC. Data transmission may be performed by means of special transmission cable. The preview of registrator’s recordings enables recreation of parameters of vehicle’s work, especially before and during the existing vehicle’s malfunction (black box function).

Driver’s board is a control and signalling device dedicated to constant monitoring of operation parameters of selected systems of a vehicle, such as:

  • engine
  • auxiliary devices
  • traffic vehicle parameters

The driver’s board comprises the following elements:

  • electronic indicating and diagnosing module
  • board of the module with elements controlling devices handled by a driver
  • remote desktop signalling critical statuses of key traction parameters
  • sensors and transmitters providing information about traffic parameters of a vehicle


pdf SPK1a Driver panel (eng) (126 KB)

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