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AWIA Horyzont is dedicated to all enterprises where significant role in logistic systems is played by internal transport. The system improves OHS in industrial plants by diminishment of the number and results of transport accidents with participation of workers and means of transport

The system increases personal safety in goods loading, unloading and transportation. AWIA Horyzont as support in traffic organisation of forklift trucks in internal transport.

AWIA HORYZONT it technologically advanced system supporting safe driving in limited visibility, which:

  • monitors the area around the vehicle
  • warns the driver of the presence of an employee in direct machine proximity
  • detects people equipped in transmitter within 18 metres from the machine
  • gets automatically tuned to the environment conditions

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AWIA Horyzont Terminal
AWIA Horyzont Nadajnik Osobisty
AWIA Horyzont Detektor Kierunkowy