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The system of peripheral perimetric protection enables detection of intruders as early as before the entry into the protected area. Such information will enable fast reaction and prevention of potential threats connected with entry of the intruder.

Thanks to long-term development research executed within preparation of the perimetric system of monitoring airports an innovative system was produced enabling connecting various types of solutions depending on the character of the environment as well as surrounding in which the system will be working.

Prepared solution, unlike the existing on the market, does not only enable work without fixed power source 230V, it adjusts appropriate sensoric techniques to specificity of the surrounding as well as environment conditions but it also possesses flexible architecture in case of the extension.

Additional distinguishing mark of the proposed system are distances on which the system enables correct work thanks to applying patented solutions of data transmission amounting as much as 10km..

The System in the scope of detecting burglary enables cooperation with all presently accessible measurement methods:

  • sensors working on the ground surface (microwave barriers/infrared, dual, laser sensors, speed cameras)
  • sensors mounted on fence (based on microphones, vibration sensors, piezoelectric)
  • buried sensors (seismic, hydraulic, magnetic sensors, (passive) or parametric)

Each of the aforementioned measurement methods proves in specific condition of surrounding, therefore the proposed system offers the possibility of connecting them as well as using the most efficient measurement sensors.


  • no need for a power source 230 Volt
  • the ability to detect the source of the alarm with an accuracy of 20 meters
  • integration with CCTV system
  • built-in security against sabotage
  • ability to customize the environment with sensors and environmental conditions
  • wired and / or Wireless GSM transmition
  • flexible and scalable system architecture
  • the ability to quickly adapt solutions to the needs and requirements
  • quick mounting solution
  • no dependency associated with motion sensor suppliers / intrusion (full range of available solutions)
  • the complex meets Standard Defence NO-04-A004-1: 2010
  • polish developer and integrator with a strong technical background throughout the Polish

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