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System monitoring and diagnostics AWIA RIG is dedicated to heavy machinery such drills. It allows real-time monitoring of important parameters of work drilling machines ranging from monitoring fuel consumption, working time differentiating between work idle and under load, monitoring the hammer (feed) until to the number of drilled holes.

The system is based on a communication device which collects data from the GPS receiver (speed, distance, position) and other sensors located on the machine (fuel level sensor, flow sensor, engine speed CAN bus, etc.) and sends the data via wireless GSM network to a server that stores information about the machines. All data collected on the server are visualized in web applications delivered over the Internet by logging on the terminal, and by which it is also possible direct text messaging with operator.

Construction of the system is modular. System configuration and the scope of available functions depends largely on the customer's requirements and can be adapted to their needs.

Benefits of AWIA RIG:

  • 24 hour access to all the information about the drill machine in real time
  • reducing the costs associated with the maintenance of equipment by monitoring fuel consumption and other operating parameters of the drilling rig
  • full control and increase the efficiency of drilling machines and their operators
  • fast location of drilling machines in the event of theft
  • effective supervision of the timeliness of technical, warranty inspections and compulsory insurance
  • reliable source for analysis and forecasts

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