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The system is designed for underground and open pit mines. Allows you to control and optimize the costs associated with the maintenance of mobile mining equipment, vehicles, drilling machines, locomotives, tanks and weighing systems.

Solution that works on the ground is based on a dedicated communication device which collects data from the GPS receiver (speed, distance, position) and sensors (eg, fuel level sensor, flow meter, engine speed sensor, CAN bus diagnostics, etc.). This data is then transmitted via wireless GSM network to the server, where they are archived. Visualization of the data collected is via a web browser from any computer connected to the Internet.

The location of underground mining equipment is based on RFID technology and data objects are transmitted via wireless (WiFi, DOTRA, etc.) directly to the mine network. The machines in addition to locating and obtaining diagnostic information regulates fuel levies and verifies its use. Consumption of fuel from the tanks requires that the operator log in using contactless RFID cards applied to the reader that unlocks the pump. This arrangement prevents the download of fuel without authorization. The magnetostrictive probe and the computer installed at the tank (a combination of intrinsically safe) monitored the filling of the tank and the amount of fuel received by the operator. Any such event is recorded in the date and time of refueling, which allows comparison of the amount of fuel received from the fuel tank fueled on a specific machine. This prevents outside normally exploatation of  fuel consumption. The entire verification process is done automatically, without the possibility of interference in the measurement system.

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