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Our engineers in the design of electronic systems use software such as: PADS company Mentor Graphic,  EAGLE,  PROTEL,  and more. Owned by ENTE set of tools allows you to create complex electronic diagrams, multi-layer printed circuit boards and circuit analysis of high-speed digital circuits.

Design of mechanical components
Working engineers in the design of mechanical components is supported by tools such as:

  • BricsCAD - the creation of software to support an engineering drawings
  • SolidWorks - software for solid modeling 3D-surface

Used software gives you an easy and quick way to prepare the necessary three-dimensional models of cabinets, appliances, brackets, mounting components, which in cooperation with a number of contractors in the short term can be prepared for production.

Designing graphics
The process of designing graphic elements such as layout, label sheets, front panels for devices is supported by a set of tools CorelDRAW Graphic Suite.

Designing software
ENTE specializes in the production of virtual components (IP core) using VHDL and implementation in programmable CPLD and FPGA from Xilinx. These technologies have been used include while working on:

  • driver electric locomotive ET22
  • secure processing systems design and billing data collection and movement of digital telephone exchanges

Questions regarding orders and sales please contact us at:

  • +48 32 33 82 200
  • marketing@ente.com.pl

Projektowanie Układów Elektronicznych
Projektowanie Układów Elektronicznych
Projektowanie Układów Elektronicznych