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As part of the Integrated Passenger Information Systems for public transport vehicles (buses, trams, trains, trolleys) ENTE company offers the following subsystems:

Fleet management system

The system displays on the maps current position in the control center of each vehicle, displays and archives routes depending on the system configuration to generate different types of reports. We adapt reports to your individual customer requirements.

Dynamic Timetable

The system displays on the installed driver's cab touch-screen panel, the current timetable with constant warnings. The content and layout of the projected timetable is fully compatible with the official notebook Timetable (paper form). Terminal allows manual scrolling and automatic scheduled to the current GPS position of the vehicle. Updated timetable performed wirelessly via the GSM module automatically or manually.

Dynamiczny Rozkład Jazdy 3
Dynamiczny Rozkład Jazdy 1
Dynamiczny Rozkład Jazdy 2
Dynamiczny Rozkład Jazdy 4

Passenger Information System

The system consists of a voice announcement unit, internals and external LED displays. The external LED boards displaying static information about the direction of the travel (train relations), while the internal LCD monitors displaying current position of the vehicle on the railroad. Voice announcement module automatically emits a voice about the current position on the route and other defined special messages. Voice messages are generated using a speech synthesizer. Beyond of it, passenger can view the audio-visual advertising materials on the internal LCD monitors.

Tablica Czołowa 1
Tablica Boczna
Kamera Wewnetrzna I Tablica
Panel TS22


Advertising system allows you to present of multimedia content anywhere on LCD screens placed inside the vehicle. Content display ads may be dependent on the position of the vehicle based on the GPS system.


Ente SDIP Emisja reklam
Ente SDIP Emisja reklam
Ente SDIP Emisja reklam
Ente SDIP Emisja reklam


System allow to record the video:

  • from inside the vehicle
  • side camera acting as mirrors
  • from the cameras of the railway tracks
  • cameras on the roof of the vehicle, designed to observe the pantograph and overhead traction

The driver is free to manually select a camera or cameras divided group which wants to see the image on the monitor. Switching video sequence is displayed on the monitor screen from the internal and external cameras, which can be controlled automatically or by the GPS, for example, at the entrance the train on the railway station (the image is displayed with the side camera ). After leaving the station, the monitor displays the video screen in the passenger compartment. The system can be based on digital or analog camcorders.

Ts10 Monitoring 2
Panel Ts10 1
Kamera Lusterkowa
Kamera Wewnetrzna


The system consists of sensors (stereo camera) which are placed above each door. System Counts the number of passengers getting on and off for each station / bus stop along the route. The data are sent in real time to the control center. Measurement accuracy is at least 95%.

passenger counter
passenger counter
passenger counter diagram
passenger counter diagram

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