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METRONIX it is a monitoring system of fuel consumption and support the rail operators. The use of modern microprocessor technology to monitor fuel consumption allows to actual and accurate gathering information about the quantity of fuel consumed in a variety of conditions. METRONIX is designed primarily for railway locomotives using diesel engine.

METRONIX system enables effective management of rolling stock by collecting data from the sensors and measuring systems, such as:

  • flow meters
  • fuel probe
  • tachogenerator (measurement of the engine)
  • power measurement sensor

For the location of the locomotive is used satellite positioning system GPS and packet data transmission through the GSM network. The flexibility of the system allows for adaptation to various types of diesel locomotives and different types and amounts of fuel tanks.

The user receives the opportunity to reduce operating costs by:

  • continuous control of fuel consumption
  • control the amount of the fuel refueled
  • fuel theft detection
  • optimization operating parameters of engine in the locomotive
  • optimization operating methods the locomotive

 The following sample reports:

  • report filling up
  • report losses of fuel
  • report fuel consumption
  • report drivers

METRONIX system complies with EN 50155.

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