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AWIA VEHICLE system is not only monitoring, but also a modern solution for the management of fleet vehicles. It is the optimum solution to coordinate logistics and control work.

System has a modular design, so it can be expanded at any time.

 The proposed solution provides, inter alia:

  • 24 hour online access to all information about the vehicle fleet
  • monitoring of fuel consumption
  • analyze traveled routes
  • registering vehicle parameters (function black box)
  • control of drivers' work hours
  • identifying private drive route by the driver
  • supervision of timely technical inspections, warranty inspections and compulsory insurance
  • reducing vehicle operating costs
  • increase the safety of workers, vehicles and goods transported
  • increasing efficiency the organization of work
  • ability to controls vehicles by access the card readers
  • ability to obtain additional insurance discounts

 AWIA VEHICLE system has a modular design, so it can be expanded at any time of its operation. System configuration and the scope of available functions depends on customer requirements and is tailored to their individual needs.

 The basic version consists of the following components:

  • AWIA Locator LC devices installed on the vehicle GPS allows you to specify the location of the vehicle and its motion parameters. With built-in GSM module the data is being transmitted from the vehicle to the system
  • AWIA Vehicle Application Explorer that allows the user to access the system using a web browser. Its purpose is to display and present measurement data transmitted from the devices installed on the vehicle

 Optionally, the system can be extended with such elements as:

  • probes and fuel flow-meters - allows precise measurement of the amount of fuel in the tank
  • AWIA Terminal - a device with a function of character terminal with keypad and LCD display, RFID reader and controller peripherals
  • AWIA Audio - voice transmission module, which enables communication between the driver and the user of the system
  • AWIA RFID - proximity card reader to identify the driver
  • reader DALLAS - allow alternative means of identification of the driver
  • CCTV Camera - recording the image of any interior or exterior of the vehicle
  • printer-eg. printing the jobs sent to the driverDiagnostics CAN - allows reading of vehicle operating parameters through the CANbus
  • Input / Digital Output - allows to register the signals from vehicle by extend system with additional inputs / outputs
  • analog Input Module - allows extension of the system to the vehicle an additional analogue inputs
  • remote alarm with the receiver - vehicle user can, for example send signal to the control center about the assault

Construction of the system:

Sample reports generated for the user:

  • report of the routes
  • report of the routes divided into corporate and private
  • report of the areas
  • report of the towns
  • report the fuel consumption
  • report of incidents
  • report of operators
  • report of the fuellings
  • report of over speeding
  • report of downtime
  • report of vehicles work
  • report of User Activity
  • report of vehicle activity

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  • marketing@ente.com.pl


  pdf AWIA Vehicle ENG (896 KB)