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The SmartLight system is used to register vehicles crossing crossing on the stop light, according to earlier defined bank conditions. Implementation of the advanced processing algorithms of the image (Dip - Digital Processing Image) allows for the intelligent detection of vehicles being in protected areas of the roadway, in the moment of the appearance of the stop light on the indicator.

Every registered event is being archived in the form of photographic material and the film presenting his course. The system automatically is sending the registered petty offence to systems of the Services responsible for the road safety.

The SmartLight system can simultaneously support even eight of indicators with which protected areas are connected and forbidden (e.g. box junction). The interface of the system lets for elastic adapting environmental parameters to requirements associated with conditions and characteristics of intersection which is being monitored with the system. SmartLight is an autonomous system and doesn't require integration with the driver of traffic lights. He consists of the analytical-communications module and the anti-theft camera. Thanks to the communications GSM module built in (3 G) to the transfer of data a necessary wired network infrastructure isn't (LAN). Applying the GMS module allows for very thorough determining the time of committing a petty offence.


  • detection of entry for crossing on the stop light
  • detection of the unauthorized presence in protected areas and forbidden intersections
  • documenting the event in the form of photographs and films with putting the temporal shelf mark using the system GPS
  • detection of a filter light


  • detection of the line of the apprehension
  • possibility of the remote update of the system software unnecessarily physical of connecting with it
  • the continuous processing and the image analysis from the camera
  • equipment mechanism of the detection of the incorrect functioning of the system (arrangement of the type watchdog)
  • intuitive managing by the web page
  • communication with the system via a network the Ethernet and GSM

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