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AWIA EKO is a system designed to locate "on-line" and monitoring of important parameters of municipal vehicles complying with the requirements of the Act on maintaining cleanliness and order in municipalities (Journal of Laws z2011r, No. 152, item. 897).

The implementation of the proposed solution will:

  • current monitoring (on-line) position and speed of vehicles on a digital map
  • reading the loading and unloading of waste
  • electronic journal services and maintenance
  • identify the vehicle which is outside the monitored area
  • black box function - gathering in the internal flash memory data from the GPS receiver
  • full information on the operating state of the vehicle
  • monitoring time work of vehicles
  • reporting routes, parking, events, loading and unloading
  • ability to conduct conversations between the dispatcher and the driver
  • monitor fuel consumption
  • identification and measurement of the work time the driver / operator
  • identification of containers and trash cans

Extending the system AWIA EKO about the weighing system, will significantly increase the range of opportunities for analysis and verification tasks. System Configuration and the range of available functions depends on customer requirements and can be adapted to their needs.

Based on the obtained parameters, it is possible to generate dedicated reports to take into account such as the number and customer name, address, number and type of container, the date of receipt and the amount of waste.

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