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The monitoring system Gimbus AWIA GIM has been designed to enhance the safety of children at the time of transport to schools and kindergartens. AWIA GIM allows you to control the quality of services provided by a third party. By extended reporting and charting system makes it easy to account for the companies transporting children.

The system is dedicated to municipalities, counties and cities, under the Act of 8 March 1990, the Local Government organizations are required to transport children to schools and kindergartens.

Advantages of the system from the point of view:


  • monitoring the quality of delivery service children to schools and kindergartens
  • designation precisely time and the number of kilometers
  • effectively settlement with the ferryman
  • full information about the amount of transported children
  • reliable source for analysis and forecasts
  • control fuel consumption


  • information about position of Gimbus in real time
  • information about children found in Gimbus


  • ability to prevents a driving by the driver after drinks alcohol
  • information about position of Gimbus in real time
  • information about child that boarded / got out to / from Gimbus at the right stop or whether it is in Gimbus
  • increase the safety of children, especially children with disabilities

System components AWIA GIM - Module location and data AWIA Locator LC and card reader AWIA RIF have component type-approvals are issued by the Minister-transport, Construction and Maritime Economy. Approvals have been granted after a positive result of compliance with the required directives 2004/104/EC and Regulation No 10 UNECE that carried accredited laboratories.

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