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Main aim of the AWIA EMERGENCY system is monitoring current vehicle location. Thanks to the web application dispatcher is able to observe 24/h daily vehicle location and status of their work. The system identifies whether the vehicle is in motion, stop, or does it have the engine running.

In addition to the current location of the dispatcher receives information about the vehicle speed, light signal status, charge status of the batteries etc..

Development of the system of identification card reader allows you to determine the personal details of the driver and calculation of working time. With this application it is possible to reproduce the path of the vehicle and driver settlement time.

Development of the system of AWIA Terminal module allows for the adaptation of public utility vehicles (Police, Municipal Police, Fire, Ambulance). The terminal is a two-way communication interface between the dispatcher and the crew of the vehicle. On the screen, messages can be displayed and / or orders shipped directly from the available center.

 The crew from the vehicle has the ability to transmit actual status of performed official duties. You can connect optional thermal printer that allow direct printing of received orders sent to the vehicle crew.

System devices have been officially approved by the Minister of Infrastructure in compliance with Directive 2004/104/EC.
In addition, the main unit of the system AWIA Locator is on the list of devices with assessing the effectiveness of anti-theft published by the Automotive Industry Institute.


  • improving safety by continuously monitoring vehicles
  • possibility to analysis the reaction time, including arrival to the destination
  • a significant reduction of costs associated with the maintenance of the fleet
  • facilitate the planning of routes and improve the performance of public services
  • quick and continuous contact between the vehicle crew and dispatcher with the possibility to send messages in a graphical form by the dispatcher (the integration of the terminal)

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