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System monitoring and diagnostics AWIA Machines allows for the location using GPS satellite positioning system, and recording the key operating parameters of heavy machinery. The system is designed to effectively optimize the costs associated with the maintenance of equipment, including:

  • fuel costs
  • maintenance costs of operators
  • costs of maintaining machines in full working order

The system is based on a communication device which collects data from the GPS receiver (speed, distance, position) and other sensors located on the machine (fuel level sensor, flow sensor, engine speed CAN bus, etc.) and sends the data via wireless GSM network to the control center.

The funcionality of the system:

  • monitor fuel consumption
  • monitoring of selected operating parameters (engine speed, battery voltage, oil temperature / engine)
  • timing work (flexibility, work load and at idle)
  • identification and timing of the operators using the contactless RFID cards
  • lead the implementation of operational schedule
  • departure identify the vehicle outside the monitored area
  • machines review and maintenance in the electronic book
  • black box function - gathering in the internal flash memory data sets
  • presentation of data in the form of reports and charts
  • current monitoring (on-line) position and speed of vehicles on a digital map
  • visualization in a web application

The System of all data transmitted from the vehicles are stored on the server and visualized in the application AWIA Machines Explorer. The purpose of the application is to display and present measurement data transmitted from the devices installed on the machine readable form for the user. The application, in addition to on-line monitoring of standard parameters (GPS, power supply, ignition, speed, stop) and visualization on the map also allows the presentation specially prepared for specific customer needs clear graphs and reports that include :

  • dispositional work time of the machine with division individual operators identifiable by appropriate ID card RFID
  • dispositional total operating time for the machine
  • the total engine running time
  • operator time with the engine off
  • work time when engine idle
  • work time when engine is loaded
  • amount of fuel consumed in idle mode
  • the average amount of fuel consumed in engine idle [l/h]
  • quantity of fuel used in the loaded mode
  • the average amount of fuel consumed when engine is loaded [l/h]
  • the total amount of fuel consumed
  • average consumption during operation [l/h]

It is possible to extend the system about the weights mounted on machines (loaders, excavators, dumper trucks). System configuration and the scope of available functions depends on customer requirements and is tailored to their

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