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The system is based on the following components: a measuring device LIMES MP, the server limes DT data acquisition and web application monitor Subscriber Line limes. The device LIMES MP to perform the measurement and identification of subscriber lines by authorized personnel.

Connected to the line on the matrix or in any other location measurement device LIMES MP, shall identify the type of line (POTS, ISDN, DSL, PCM, etc.). In addition, it is identified at the same time the number assigned to the test line (POTS and ISDN).

On the server, limes DT collects all the data recorded by the measuring device. The data are sent to a central database along with additional information entered by staff. Data transmission is done using a modem device LIMES MP. The information is collected in a database, and access to them for further analysis is possible using web applications prepared Subscriber Line Monitor limes. Access to the data is possible thanks to an Internet connection and any web browser. The functionality of the system allows to export data to other systems.

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