Personnel Policy

In ENTE, people are the most important and the ENTE Personnel Policy focuses on them entirely. Awareness of the need to build a friendly working atmosphere in ENTE results directly from the assumption adopted by the Management Board of the Company that employees are the most valuable company resource and the driving force for company operation.

Personnel policy


The priority goal of the Personnel Policy is to build employee engagement. It is about making every person employed aware of the importance of his or her work and how great a role he or she plays in ENTE. It is also about making ENTE employees proud of working for ENTE and not for other companies.

This Personnel Policy objective stems from the Management Board’s belief that only well-informed, engaged employees with a sense of common aspirations make decisions that ensure the achievement of the company’s strategic objectives.

Personnel policy

Principles and values

A prerequisite for employee engagement is transparency and conformity to the principles and values on which the Company’s organisational culture is based.

Personnel policy


Creating optimal conditions at workstations, attractive remuneration adequate to their effort and being able to use social benefits, including the Company’s Social Benefit Fund, result from the Management Board’s concern to ensure stability for employees. In addition, the Benefit card and medical care in the form of the Medicover package aim to make employees safe and comfortable both on and off the job.

Meanwhile, attention to internal communication, relations between employees and friendly atmosphere is to create a sense of belonging and identification with the company. Through the opportunity to demonstrate initiative and entrepreneurship, which is supported by the Management Board, the employee has a sense of involvement and real influence on the actions taken in the Company.

The Management Board of ENTE makes every effort to ensure that employees have the opportunity for continuous improvement and development of their own competences.