Quality and Environment Policy

ENTE Sp. z o.o. specialises in designing systems, devices and software in the field of electronics, computer science and automation. The solutions designed by its engineers are successfully applied in companies from railroad, tram, mining and industrial sectors. ENTE Sp. z o.o. is a contractor of technologically advanced systems, integrator of all processes – starting from design, production, quality control, implementation and ending up with service.
The company wants to provide products of the highest quality, safe for the user throughout the product life cycle and compliant with the requirements and expectations of all Customers.
To do this, the Management Board of ENTE Sp. z o.o. took action to implement a Quality and Environmental Management System compliant with the requirements of the PN-EN ISO 9001:2015 standard and the ISO/TS 22163:2017 standard and to apply it to each workstation.

Quality and Environment Policy


With this in mind, the company pursues the following quality and environmental objectives:
  • acts in accordance with the applicable legal requirements and the requirements of the implemented Quality and Environmental Management System
  • prevents production errors and failures of its systems and equipment by constantly improving manufacturing processes and investing in its machinery and equipment
  • uses suggestions, best practices and lessons learned from customers, suppliers and employees
  • builds employee awareness in the area of quality and environmental management by making employees aware of the impact of their work on quality and the environment
  • carefully selects and periodically evaluates suppliers of materials and services
  • identifies and manages the environmental aspects associated with its operations
  • reduces the negative environmental impact of chemicals used in its products and manufacturing processes by complying with RoHS Directive requirements
  • counteracts the environmental pollution associated with its activities by limiting the levels of emissions into the air and the amount of waste produced
  • separates production waste and transfers it to specialised entities, which deal with its recovery and recycling
  • organises environmental-oriented training for our customers and suppliers
  • is open to environmental comments from interested parties
  • monitors the achievement of quality and environmental objectives
  • continuously improves the Quality and Environment Management System through the results of audits, process overviews and on the basis of requests from process owners

The aforementioned elements serve as input data for the management overview process. The above Quality and Environmental Policy has been disseminated within the organisation and is regularly reviewed for relevance and validity. The implementation of the above policy is guaranteed by the personal, direct involvement of the top management of ENTE Sp. z o.o. in the implementation, maintenance and improvement of the Quality and Environment Management System.


Management Representative for Integrated Management System, email: pzsz@ente.com.pl, phone: +48 32 338 22 00