Real-time passenger information system


AWIA SDIP® is a technologically advanced system designed for use in public transport vehicles. With this system, you can significantly improve the quality of offered transport services by increasing driving and travelling comfort, as well as passenger safety. The system includes on-board components installed in the vehicle and the server-based Management Application. The important aspect is that it integrates previously non-integrated and independent subsystems, and all of its components come from a single supplier.


On-board components use the Central Unit with the built-in GSM/GPRS modem to communicate with the Management Application, whose main task is to process, archive, and present vehicle data.

Compliance with the standards

PN-EN 50155

Railway applications - Electronic equipment used on rolling stock

PN-EN 45545

Fire protection on railway vehicles


Technical Specification for Interoperability


AWIA SDIP® is easy to integrate with existing infrastructure. This is possible due to the open architecture of the system and the communication standards in use. The basic idea behind the system, which results from market conditions and customer needs and requirements, is modularity and scalability – the installation of a complete system is not always necessary.

Personnel identification

This subsystem allows vehicle operators to log in to the control terminal using personalised RFID cards or by entering the train driver’s ID number. As a result, personnel can be identified and their roles can be specified (train driver, administrator) including access rights assigned to them.

Real-time train driver's timetable (SKRJ – electronic system for designing timetables)

It allows the operator to display the current timetable on the control terminal that has a touch screen. The timetable is provided after entering the train number and updated wirelessly via the GSM module. The timetable can be scrolled manually or automatically.

In-train announcements

With this subsystem, you can give voice messages to passengers concerning the current position on the route, defined special messages (e.g. test drive, timetable change), and any other messages. They can be given not only in Polish, but also in other languages.

Passenger information and advertising

It allows you to present multimedia content to passengers both inside and outside the vehicle. The system uses front, side, and indoor LED boards as well as LCD monitors.

Video surveillance

It allows you to monitor the passenger space using indoor cameras, the area in front of and behind the vehicle using railway route and coupling cameras, areas on vehicle sides using mirror cameras, and pantographs and traction equipment quality using pantograph cameras.

Registration of passenger traffic

The subsystem includes autonomous registration units that register the number of passengers getting on and off the vehicle at each stop/station along the route. Registration accuracy is at least 97%.


It ensures communication between passengers and the crew as well as communication between members of the vehicle crew.

Access to wireless Internet for passengers

This subsystem uses Wi-Fi and LTE to provide passengers with a wireless Internet network.

Examples of projects

System dynamicznej informacji pasażerskiej
Real-time train driver's timetable (SKRJ)

display of the timetable on the control terminal

System dynamicznej informacji pasażerskiej

communication with the vehicle operator

System dynamicznej informacji pasażerskiej
Video surveillance

live monitoring of images from cameras

System dynamicznej informacji pasażerskiej
Passenger information and advertising

presentation of the content on an LCD screen

Advantages of the system

  1. Innovation and latest technology
  2. Integration, modularity and scalability of Ethernet-based network
  3. Hardware and cost optimisation
  4. Flexible combination of components and subsystems
  5. Easy and intuitive maintenance and management
  6. User friendly and easy to use
  7. Improving passenger and driver comfort
  8. Remote monitoring, diagnostics and configuration
  9. Short service response time

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