Technical Safety Policy


Purpose of the policy

The purpose of the Technical Safety Policy is to ensure that products and projects of ENTE Sp. z o.o. will be safe for their users.


Technical safety

Technical safety means:
  • ensuring that a thorough analysis of product requirements (quality, technical, legal and normative requirements) is carried out before commencing any order or project
  • ensuring that legal and normative requirements are met (in particular the requirements of standard PN-EN 50155 Railway applications – Electronic equipment used on rolling stock and standard IPC-A-610E Quality standard for the assembly of electronic systems) in the design and development process and in the production process of the product
  • ensuring internal inspection, tests and trials
  • ensuring external verification, certification and surveillance of manufactured products
  • monitoring of product reliability indicators, taking corrective and preventive action

To meet the objectives outlined above, the following safety objectives are established:
  • raising workers’ awareness that the quality of their work has a direct impact on the safety of the final products
  • systematic improvement of the employees’ qualifications
  • providing Customer support during commissioning of products
  • engaging in cooperation with external research institutes, universities
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ENTE Sp. z o.o., declares that this Technical Safety Policy is effectively communicated within the company from the stage of hiring a new employee through all its updates.