Test station for electric motors

Test station

The test station enables comprehensive diagnostics of both AC and DC traction motors. It allows the necessary tests to be carried out as part of a product trial. It is based on power electronic power supplies that allow low-loss conversion of electrical energy. Tests using engine test stations are used for the propulsion of rail vehicles (locomotives, trams, underground) and the machine converters of these vehicles.


The superior element of the test station is a control module built on the basis of measurement controllers and specialised control software. The control module, equipped with a touchscreen control panel, serves as an industrial workstation for the test station operator. From the operator's level, testing is simply a matter of selecting the engine type for which the test schedule is defined and selecting the particular test to be carried out. It is also possible to manually enter further engines into the system.

All other operations, consisting of setting the required power and load conditions and measuring the machine operating parameters (such as voltage, rotational speed), take place automatically. The final result is a report with the results of all tests.

Test station

Types of tests

  • idle run test
  • mechanical durability test
  • heating-up test with monitoring of temperature rise of bearings, coils, commutator
  • vibration intensity measurement
  • determination of commutator sparking – observation of commutator by means of cameras
  • determination of the motor speed characteristics on the basis of a given voltage, degree of excitation and load
  • control of the inverter output voltage for the set operating conditions (input voltage, load current)

  • idle run test
  • mechanical durability test
  • short circuit test
Offered possibilities

Areas of application

AC motors up to 500 kW and voltages: 380-500 V AC and 2200-2340 V AC

DC motors rated up to 600 kW and voltages up to 1800 V DC

machine inverters with supply voltages up to 3600 V DC

Advantages of the system

  1. Automatic evaluation of the correctness of the measurement results
  2. Ease of use and minimum operator involvement during testing
  3. High level of safety for both the personnel and the tested engine
  4. DC motors are tested in pairs, which allows for significant electricity savings during testing
  5. Possibility of adapting the system to specific Customer needs
  6. Authentication of authorised personnel by means of a contactless card

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