Variable Message Signs

Variable Message Signs - VMS

Variable message signs and boards are an important part of modern traffic management systems. They allow any road signs as well as text messages to be displayed. They are very helpful to drivers, enhance safety, and improve traffic. They can be used wherever there is a need to provide information about, for example, traffic direction changes or traffic incidents.

Variable Message Signs - VMS


Variable message signs can be integrated with other systems such as traffic monitoring stations, vehicle weighting systems, road weather stations, or speed measurement systems to display appropriate messages to drivers immediately.

Variable message signs can be controlled automatically or manually using a central traffic management system.

These signs are installed on road structures, arms, or gantries, which are selected depending on the type and size of the sign.

These devices are compliant with European standards and guidelines for variable message signs – EN PN 12966, size range – A,B,C,D, and E.

Variable Message Signs - VMS


made in LED technology

possibility of displaying predefined pictograms or text fields, with the number and types of pictograms depending on Customer's requirements

ensuring excellent visibility on the road regardless of weather conditions or time of day

possibility of displaying various content real-time, which includes information on traffic conditions, warnings about danger or traffic incidents, suggested diversions, and others.


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