AWIA Vehicle

GPS vehicle monitoring and fleet management

The AWIA Vehicle fleet monitoring system is not merely tracking, but also a modern tool supporting vehicle fleet management. It is the optimal solution for planning, coordinating logistical activities as well as organising and controlling work. The AWIA Vehicle system features a modular design, so it can be expanded at any time during its lifetime. The configuration of the system and the range of available functions depend to a large extent on the Customer's requirements and can be adapted to their needs.


The solution works on the basis of a communication device that collects data from a GPS receiver (speed, geographical position) and other sensors connected to the device (e.g. CAN bus) and sends them via a wireless GSM network to a server where the vehicle information is stored.

AWIA Vehicle


  • makes it possible to display and present the measurement data sent from the devices installed in vehicles in a form that is readable by the user
  • in addition to online monitoring of standard parameters (GPS, power supply, ignition, speed) and visualisation of the vehicles’ location on the map, it also offers the possibility to present data on charts and reports prepared for the Customer
Reliability guarantee


homologation certificate in accordance with the 2004/104/EC Directive

certificate of compliance with PN-S 76020 standard

security performance certificate in standard class (STD)

System functionality

  1. Presentation of the current and historical location of the vehicle on a digital map
  2. Full information on the operating status of a specific vehicle
  3. Fuel consumption monitoring
  4. Monitoring of drivers' working time
  5. Identification of private/business commuting
  6. Full history of routes and stops
  7. Service schedule
  8. Producing reports and charts

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