The AWIA SDIP passenger information system has returned to Koleje Małopolskie

23 Dec 2021

Our flagship product – the AWIA SDIP passenger information system has once again been installed in the vehicles of Koleje Małopolskie.

 In October 2020, the rail carrier decided to modernise 5 of the 32WE type EN77 series trains. The work, which mainly resulted in changes to the interior of the trains, was commissioned to ZNTK Mińsk Mazowiecki. They replaced, among other things, the advertisement broacasting and passenger counting systems, as well as the monitoring system. In their place, devices manufactured by ENTE were installed, including LED boards and LCD monitors, control terminals, counters, intercoms and cameras, ensuring the following functionalities:

  • presentation of content for travellers both outside and inside the vehicle – displaying passenger information (e.g. line number, train number and name) and any multimedia content (e.g. advertisements, films),
  • counting the number of people getting on and off the vehicle, and then transferring the collected information to the rail carrier using an application provided by ENTE,
  • live preview images from cameras installed in the train driver’s cab,
  • fast communication between the passenger and driver, as well as between the train crew members.

As can be seen , AWIA SDIP  (designed and manufactured by ENTE) is a comprehensive solution that provides all the necessary functions needed to manage the passenger information system. Using it, especially thanks to access to up-to-date and necessary information, increases the attractiveness of public transport. This product improves the comfort of not only passengers, but also the driver. The rail carrier also benefits from its implementation – with AWIA SDIP, it can rationalise the processes related to the management of rolling stock.

We are glad that the interest in our solution is constantly growing and that it is one of the key elements of modern public transport.